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The Biosecurity Group has developed special "Ethtecs" biomass chamber growing technology for germinating seeds into highly nutritional sprouts in a totally organic environment without pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals.  The "Ethtecs" biomass chamber technology recreates nature's ideal conditions to facilitate this process in an optimum manner.

The "Ethtecs" biomass chamber technology supplants traditional climate-dependant agricultural growing methods to produce plant products with greater nutritional value and lower harmful contamination than previously possible.  

Moreover, in an era when water is becoming an increasingly scarce and valuable commodity, it achieves this with a fraction of traditional water usage.

The "Ethtecs" technology unlocks nature's miracle by taking ordinary seeds through the germination process to rapidly produce fresh young sprouts of cereal grasses and other plants full of powerful nutrients for use in healthy 'functional beverages'.

Functional foods and functional beverages are human food products having particular health promoting or disease preventing properties that are additional to their normal nutritional value.

"Ethtecs" biomass chambers 150 square metres in area have the productive capacity of 30 hectares of prime irrigated agricultural land growing lucerne!   As well as requiring no arable land, they use less than 5% of the water commonly used to produce similar plant products by traditional methods.